Changing The Future, One Law At a Time

LLB Hons., CLP

A strong-willed, free-spirited adventurer and wanderlust traveler, Effa is a lawyer who balances an active social life as well as her various files at Court.

Having been called to the Bar in 2014, Effa may be a young lawyer but her achievements in law certainly outshine many of her seniors, being involved in major shareholder disputes, high profile public interest injunctions and even being a regular face in the press.

Effa’s specialty also include alternative dispute resolutions, complex litigation and construction litigation.

In her spare time, Effa loves to Zumba, enjoy good food and going on solo trips to keep herself refreshed and revitalized for the next litigation tussle that lies ahead. Effa is also very active in community service, where she has successfully founded a group of volunteers who regularly feeds the homeless and poverty-stricken around inner city Kuala Lumpur.