Changing The Future, One Law At a Time

In 2011, 3 lawyers with diverse skill-sets, background and experiences kick-started a synergy of expertise to create a dynamic, robust and solutions-oriented firm.

Raj, Ong & Yudistra was born.

Located strategically in the heart of Damansara Heights KL, the firm is powered by its family of dedicated staff members and passionate lawyers who are keen disciples in the art of law.

Today’s fast-moving and unpredictable world can ill-afford service providers who are immobile, resistant to change and too slow to react. It is why the firm treats every client, every brief, every situation as unique, providing a bespoke legal experience to the people the firm acts and cares for.

Anchored on core principles such as integrity, hard work and dedication, the firm simultaneously prides itself in being cutting-edge, able to see beyond the obvious and daring to change the future, one law at a time.