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Our team has been involved in numerous high profile cases and represents prominent clients from across a variety of industries.:

  • Our lawyers have handled many high profile and sometimes landmark cases which have gone on to be reported. Here are some of them:

    • CIMB Bank Berhad v Anthony Lawrence Bourke & Anor [2019] 2 CLJ 1 (Federal Court) A widely reported landmark decision which changed the landscape of contractual and banking law in 2019. At the Federal Court, we successfully upheld the Court of Appeal’s findings that CIMB Bank Berhad were negligent to our clients, the borrowers, despite the existence of an exclusion of liability clause protecting the bank. This case is now the authority for overriding exclusion clauses vis-à-vis Section 29 of Contracts Act 1950 and public policy.


    • Sharifah Faridah Abdul Rasheed v Malaysia Smelting Corporation Berhad [2019] 4 ILR 360 – At the Industrial Court, we managed to obtain an award of RM780,850 for our client against a public listed company, MSC Berhad, for successfully showing that she had been constructively dismissed by them.


    • Master Jaya Environmental Sdn Bhd v Pentas Flora Sdn Bhd [2020] 2 CLJ (Court of Appeal) – Successfully resisted an appeal at the Court of Appeal, allowing our client’s claim against a supplier for goods for breach of warranty to stand. This case clarifies the position that a supplier’s warranty on performance and compliance with specific laws gives rise to liability under both breach of contract and negligence.


    • Aik Bee Timbers (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd v Low Chee Hock & Ors [2016] 1 LNS 389 – A case involving a claim for logging payment in Sarawak which was initiated in both Kuala Lumpur. We managed to strike out the claim on grounds of multiplicity of proceedings, res judicata, bad faith and that Sibu High Court is the proper forum.


    • Protasco Berhad v Tey Por Yee [2017] 1 CLJ 543 – In a decision widely reported by the media, the Federal Court upheld the Court of Appeal’s decision to maintain lawyers’ protection against revealing client information by refusing to import North American jurisprudence into Malaysian law. Our client’s application to strike out such evidence was upheld.


    • Low Sook Yee v Galaxy Music Sdn Bhd [2013] 7 CLJ 514 – A breach of contract claim by a local artist against her management company. Won at High Court & affirmed by Court of Appeal. First time concept of unconscionable transaction was allowed to be used to prove a breach of contract.


    • Doretti Resources Sdn Bhd v Fitters Marketing Sdn Bhd & Ors [2017] 1 LNS 738 – Infringement of trademark & expungement of trademark case. Successfully raised defence of “first use” to expunge registered trademark by Plaintiff. Represented public listed group of companies. Won at High Court & affirmed by Court of Appeal.


    • Panglima Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia v Simathri [2017] 3 CLJ 129 (Federal Court) – Although we lost, this case is now used as one of the leading precedents when interpreting how a new statute is to be read with an old abolished statute.


    • Xyris Enterprise v Chee Choon Yin & Ors [2013] 1 LNS 1215 – This case concerns important findings on sale and purchase agreements for homebuyers. The court upheld our client’s contention that just because a contract contained the term “subject to contract” it didn’t mean there was no concluded contract. The decision was affirmed by the Court of Appeal.


    • BMTT Corporation v CB Tech Sdn Bhd [2014] 2 CLJ 980 – Our client’s contention on construing terms of a letter of credit was accepted by the High Court. This decision was affirmed by the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court didn’t grant leave for further appeal.


    • Kanpeki Sdn Bhd v Joseph Mathews P M Mathews [2013] 1 LNS 1403 – Professional negligence claim which we represented our client against his former solicitors for misuse of stakeholder’s money.


    Also see:

    Cheong Moo Chung v Reggae Holdings (M) Sdn Bhd [2013] 1 LNS 357

    Xyris Enterprise Sdn Bhd v Chee Choon Yin & Ors [2013] 1 LNS 1215

    Aik Bee Timbers (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd v Low Chee Hock & Ors [2016] 1 LNS 389

    BMTT Corporation Sdn Bhd v CBTech (M) Sdn Bhd [2014] 2 CLJ 980

    Tepat Intan Sdn Bhd v Mega First Corporation Berhad [2013] 1 LNS 1496

    Interactive Brokers LLC v Neo Kim Hock & Ors [2014] 8 CLJ 747

    Tenaga Nasional Berhad v Jeffry Hassan & Anor [2016] 1 LNS 1731

    Protasco Bhd v PT Anglo Slavic Utama & Ors [2015] 1 LNS 1363

    Rafan Holdings Sdn Bhd v Chip Lam Seng Sdn Bhd [2015] 1 LNS 265

    Bestino Group Berhad v Chong Yuk Ming & Yang Lain [2018] 1 LNS 98